When the "Art of Siam" opened in Newcastle in April 2002, it brought with it a refreshing touch of authenticity. For it is far more than the dishes that have come from Thailand. Every last little detail has been thought of- from the hand painted China , to the carved tables and chairs, and with tables telling stories of every day life in the villages and and jungle of Thailand.

Art Of Siam
Art Of Siam (Newcastle) Menu


1. Satay
Thai Style marinated chicken served on skewers and served with peanut sauce
 ₤ 4.50

Deep-fried spring rolls filled with vermicelli and mixed vegetables and served with plum sauce.

₤ 3.95

3. Luuk Chin Tord                                                                                    
Deep-fried chicken ball served with sweet chilli sauce

   ₤ 4.50

Tord Mun Pla                                                                                           
Thai fish cake served with sweet chilli sauce

₤ 4.95

5. Gung Hom Pah                                                                                         

Deep-fried whole king prawn wrapped in spring roll pastry skin and served with sweet chilli sauce

₤ 4.95

6. Toong Tong                                                                                              

Minced prawn and chicken flavoured with garlic and pepper wrapped in rice paper sack and deep fried until crispy golden brown served with plum sauce.

₤ 4.95

7. Khanom Pang Na Gai                                                                              

Minced chicken, with egg and herbs sauteed on a bread base served with plum sauce.

₤ 4.50

8. Peek Gai Laow Dang                                                                               

Deep-fried chicken wings until golden brown and then stir-fried with red wine sauce.

₤ 4.50

9. Golden Basket                                                                                          

Deep fried prawns in tempura batter and onion rings served with sweet chilli sauce.

₤ 4.95


A platter of assorted canapés. (minimum for 2)

₤ 11.00


A platter of assorted seafood canapés. (minimum for 2)

₤ 12.50

V1. Satay Jay                                                                                                
Barbecued vegetables and beancurd served with peanut sauce.

₤ 4.20

V2. Por Pia                                                                                                   

Vegetarian spring rolls served with plum sauce.

₤ 3.95

V3. Phak Tord                                                                                             

Deep-fried vegetable tempura served with sweet chilli sauce.

₤ 3.95

V4. Tord Mun Khao Pode                                                                          

Sweet corn cake served with sweet chilli sauce.

₤ 4.20

V5. Vegetable Platter                                                                                   

A selection of vegetarian starters. (minimum for 2 persons)

₤ 8.50

11. Tom Yum
Hot and sour soup seasoned with lime, lemon grass, and chili, galangal

Mushrooms ₤ 4.00, Chicken ₤ 4.50, Prawn ₤ 4.95


12. Tom Kha Gai                                                                                          

Chicken and galangal roots in coconut milk soup.

₤ 4.50

13. PO-Tak                                                                                                   

A fisherman’s hot and sour mixed seafood soup flavoured with lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves

₤ 5.50

Hot and sour salads, principally flavoured with lemon and chilli. (These may be ordered alone as a starter or with other dishes as part of the main meal)


14. Yum Siam                                                                                               
Cooked chicken, pork, prawn and transparent noodles tossed with hot and sour dressing.

₤ 7.50

15. Plar Gung                                                                                               

Succulent king prawns seasoned with lime juice, garlic dressing and tossed with lemon grass, spring onions, coriander leaves and Thai chilli.

₤ 7.50

16. Yum Neua                                                                                               

Thin slices of lighty grilled beef seasoned with chilli, galangal roots, lemon grass, lime juice and herbs.

₤ 6.95

17. Yum Gai Yang                                                                                       

Thin slices of lighty grilled chicken seasoned with chilli, galangal roots, lemon grass, lime juice and herb.

₤ 6.95

**  Som-Tum

Thai spicy salad,shredded carrot , garlic, tomatoes with peanuts and chilli 

₤ 6.50

18. Gaeng Kiew Wan                                                                                   
Green curry in coconut milk with an aromatic selection of Thai herb with your choice of chicken, beef or pork.


19. Gaeng Daeng                                                                                          

Red curry in coconut milk with and aromatic selection of Thai herbs with your choice of chicken, beef or pork.


20. Gaeng Panaeng                                                                                      

Dry curry in coconut milk and lime leaves with your choice of chicken, beef or pork.


21. Gaeng Massaman                                                                                   

Typical muslim style lamp or chicken dish in mild spicy sauce with peanut, potato and onion.


22. Gaeng Phed Ped Yang                                                                           

Special roasted duck curry, cooked with pineapple and red curry paste.



PORK,BEEF,CHICKEN...................................................  ₤ 7.95
LAMB...................................................................... ₤  8.25
DUCK,PRAWNS............................................................₤ 8.75


23. Neualaow Dang                                                                                      
Sliced beef stir-fried in our chef’s red wine sauce.

₤ 8.25

24. Neua Namman Hoi                                                                                

Sliced beef stir-fried with green and red pepper, onion and flavoured with oyster sauce.

₤ 8.25

25. Neua Phad Khing                                                                                   

Beef stir-fried with ginger spring onion and black mushrooms.

₤ 8.25

26. Neua Phad Bai Kraprao                                                                        

Beef stir-fried with fresh chilli and fresh Thai basil leaves.

₤ 8.25

27. NEUA SIAM                                                                                          

Stir-fried beef with our chef’s special sauce.

₤ 8.75

28. Gai Yang                                                                                               
Chicken marinated in garlic, pepper and coriander, grilled charcoal and served with chilli sauce.

   ₤ 8.25

29. Gai Phad Med Mamuang Himmaparn                                                

Chicken Sauteed with cashew nut.

₤ 8.25

30. Gai Ma-Naw                                                                                           

Tender lemon chicken with sweet chilli sauce.

₤ 8.25

31. Gai Phad Prio Wan                                                                                

Chicken and vegetable in a Thai style sweet and sour sauce.

₤ 8.25

32. Gai Phad Khing                                                                                      

Chicken stir-fried with ginger, black mushroom and spring onion.

₤ 8.25

33. Gai Khatiem                                                                                            

Tender chicken breast slowly fried with garlic and ground white pepper.

₤ 8.25

34. Gai Phad Bai Kraprao                                                                           

Chicken stir-fried with fresh chilli and fresh Thai basil leaves.

₤ 8.25

35. GAI SIAM                                                                                              

Chicken stir-fried in our chef’s special sauce.

₤ 8.75

36. Moo Kratiem                                                                                          
Tender pork slowly fried with garlic and ground white pepper.

₤ 8.25

37. Moo Phad Priowan                                                                                

Pork and vegetables in a Thai style sweet and sour sauce.

₤ 8.25

38. Moo Phad Khing                                                                                    

Pork stir-fried with fresh ginger and black mushroom.

₤ 8.25

39. Moo Phad Baikraprao                                                                           

Pork stir-fried with fresh chilli and fresh Thai basil leaves.

₤ 8.25

40. MOO SIAM                                                                                            

Pork stir-fried in our chef’s special sauce

₤ 8.75

41. Ped Yang                                                                                                
Marinated Thai style roasted duck, deep-fried then topped with our chef’s special sauce

₤ 9.25

42. Ped Phad Laow Dang                                                                            

Stir-fried duck with red wine sauce

₤ 9.75

43. PED SIAM                                                                                             

Stir-fried duck in our chef’s special sauce

₤ 9.75

44. Gung Phad Med mamuang Himmaparn                                            
Stir-fried king prawns with cashew nuts, herbs and vegetables.

  ₤ 9.25

45. Gung Kratiem                                                                                         

Prawns slowly fried with garlic and ground white pepper.

£ 9.25

46. Gung Phad Bai Kraprao                                                                     
Prawns stir-fried with fresh chilli and fresh Thai basil leaves.

   ₤ 9.25

47. Gung Prio Wan                                                                                      

Prawns stir-fried in a Thai style sweet and sour sauce.

₤ 9.25

48. Gung Siam                                                                                              

Prawns stir-fried in our chef’s special sauce

₤ 9.75

49. Plamuek Kratiem                                                                                   
Stir-fried squid with garlic and pepper.

₤ 9.25

50. Plamuek Phad Baikraprao                                                                  

Squid stir-fried with fresh chilli and fresh Thai basil leaves.

₤ 9.25

51. Pla Chu-Chi                                                                                            

Boneless crispy-fish topped with red curry sauce.

₤ 9.25

52. Pla Prio Wan                                                                                          

Fish stir-fried with vegetables in sweet and sour sauce.

₤ 9.25

53. Pla Ma Naw                                                                                            

Steamed Whole seabass in lemon based sauce with garlic and chilli

₤ 9.75

54. Phad Talay                                                                                             

Spicy mixed seafood fried with basil leave and lemon grass.

₤ 9.75

55. Khao Suey                                                                                               
Plain boiled rice

₤ 2.00

56. Khao Khai                                                                                               

Egg fried rice

₤ 2.50

57. Khao Mapraw                                                                                        

Coconut flavoured rice

₤ 2.50

Coconut flavoured rice
***Khao Nheaw  
Sticky rice

₤ 3.50
***Kuay Tiew
Plain noodles [ fried or boiled ]
 ₤ 3.50

58. Khao Phad “SIAM”                                                                              

Special fried rice with selected mixed meats

₤ 7.50

59. Phad Thai                                                                                               

The most popular Thai fried rice noodles with prawns, bean sprouts, ground peanut, egg and spices.

₤ 7.75

60. Phad Sei-Iew                                                                                           

Stir-fried noodles with vegetables and egg in soy sauce.

₤ 7.50

61. Phad Khee-Mao                                                                                     

Stir-fried noodles with chicken, egg, and fresh Thai herbs.

₤ 7.75

62. Phad Pak Ruam Mit                                                                              
Assorted fried vegetables in soy sauce.

₤ 5.95

63. Phad Broccoli                                                                                         

Stir-fried broccoli with oyster sauce.

₤ 5.95

64. Phad Pak Kom                                                                                       

Quick fried spinach with garlic.

₤ 5.95

Bean curd stir fried with fresh chilli & Thai basil leaves
₤ 6.95 


Stir fried bean curd with vegetables,peppers,carrot,black fungal in oyster sauce

₤ 6.95

Stir fried beansprout  with bean curd, spring onion and chilli

₤ 6.50

65. Prio Wan TO FU                                                                                   

Beancurd and vegetable in Thai style sweet and sour sauce.

₤ 6.50

66. Hed Phad Med Mamuang Himmaparn                                               

Stir-fried mushrooms and cashew nuts in crispy potato basket.

₤ 6.50

67. Ma Kheua Saam Roch                                                                           

Deep fried aubergines with our chef’s special sauce

₤ 6.50

68. Gaeng Kiew Wan Pak                                                                           

Vegetables green curry in coconut milk.

₤ 6.50

69. Gaeng Massaman To Fu                                                                       

Beancurd in mild spicy peanut sauce with potato and onion.

₤ 6.50

70. Phad Sei-Iew Jay                                                                                    

Fried egg noodles in soy sauce with vegetables.

₤ 7.50
Chef’s Recommendations  

71. SIAM GUNG PAO                                                                                
Our speciality Grilled giant king prawns marinated with garlic, pepper and butter then topped with our special sauce.

₤ 9.00/18.00

72. Phad Khao Pode                                                                                   

Choice of chicken, beef, pork or prawns stir-fried with baby corn mushroom and spring onions.


Chicken, Beef or Pork

₤ 8.25
Prawns  or  Duck
₤ 9.25

73. Ped Phad Khing                                                                                     

Stir-fried roast duck with gingers and spring onion.

₤ 9.75

74. Pla Meuk Phad Prik                                                                              

Stir-fried squid with hot chilli sauce

₤ 9.25

75. Pla Meuk Phad Khing                                                                           

Stir-fried squid with ginger and spring onion.

₤ 9.25

76. Hoi Phad Kee Maow                                                                              

Thai style mussles stir-fried with chilli herbs, and spring onion.

₤ 9.25

77. Pla Rad Prik                                                                                           

Deep fried whole seabass topped with chilli sauce.

₤ 9.25

78. Pla Samui                                                                                                

Deep fried fish topped with ginger, pineapple, red and green peppers, tomato and coriander.

₤ 9.25

79. Gai Phad Prik Hang                                                                              

Stir-fried chicken with dried chilli, peanut, French beans, and kaffir lime leaves.

₤ 8.25

80. Gang Kiew Wan Gung                                                                          

Very special green curry with prawns.

₤ 8.75

81. Hunglay Gung                                                                                        

Dry red curry in coconut milk with prawns, ginger, pickle and garlic.

₤ 8.75

82. Na-Gai Noodle                                                                                        
Stir-fried noodles with chicken, mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

₤ 7.75

83. Lad Na Ta-Lay                                                                                      

Stir-fried noodles topped with mixed seafood and brown sauce.

₤ 8.75

84. Khao Soi                                                                                                  

Egg noodles in red curry with chicken.

₤ 8.75

85. Phad Mee Krob                                                                                      

Crispy sweet and sour rice noodles.

₤ 6.75
Set Menu “A” ₤19.50 per person  
(Minimum 2 persons)
Art of Siam Platter
Main Courses
  • Fried chicken with ginger and spring onion
  • Thai style sweet and sour pork
  • Green curry with beef
  • Fried mixed vegetable
  • Steamed rice
Set Menu “B” ₤19.50 per person  

(Minimum 2 persons)
Appetizer :     Art of Siam Platter
Main Courses

  • Beef in rich coconut milk, panang gravy & fresh herbs
  • Stir-fried pork with onion, red and green peppers and chilli
  • Fried chicken with cashew nut, herbs and vegetables
  • Fried mixed vegetables
  • Egg fried rice
Set Menu “C” ₤22.50 per person  

(Minimum 2 persons)
:      Tom yum with prawns
Appetizer :     Art of Siam Platter
Main Courses

  • Stir-fried chicken with baby corn and mushrooms
  • Deep fried fish with fresh chilli sauce
  • Stir fried duck in our chef's special sauce
  • Stir fried broccoli with oyster sauce
  • Steamed or egg fried rice
Set Menu Siam ₤22.50 per person  

(Minimum 2 persons)
Soup :     Tom Yum with chicken or prawn or mushrooms
Appetizer :      Art of Siam Platter
Main Courses

  • Stir-fried roast duck with ginger and spring onion
  • Giant king prawns marinated in garlic, pepper and butter served with hot and sour sauce
  • Red curry with beef or chicken
  • Fried mixed vegetable
  • Steamed or egg fried rice
Set Menu “V1” ₤ 17.50 per person  
(Minimum 2 persons)
Appetizer :     Art of Siam Vegetarian Platter
Main Courses
  • Green curry with vegetables
  • Sweet and sour beancurd
  • Deep fried battered aubergine with chef’s special sauce
  • Fried mixed vegetables
  • Steamed rice
Set Menu “V2” ₤19.50 per person  

(Minimum 2 persons)
Soup :     Tom Yum with mushrooms
Appetizer :     Art of Siam Vegetarian Platter
Main Courses

  • Stir-fried mushrooms with cashew nuts
  • Stir-fried bean curd with fresh Thai basil
  • Red curry in coconut milk with vegetables
  • Fried noodles with vegetables
  • Steamed rice
LUNCH MENU (£7.50per person)  
Chicken Soup, Spring Rolls, Satay, Toong Thong, Chicken Ball,
Prawn Tempura, Chicken Wings in Red Wine Sauce, Mushroom   
in Coconut Soup,and vegetableTempura


Main Course
Served with Egg Fried Rice or Steamed Rice )
Beef or Chicken Green Curry
Prawn, Chicken or Pork Sweet and Sour
Chicken or Beef with Baby Corn
Squid, Chicken or Beef with Ginger
Beef with Oyster Sauce
Fried fish with Chilli
Prawn or Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Vegetarian Dish
( Served with Egg Fried Rice or Steamed Rice )
Sweet and Sour Vegetables
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables
Spicy Fried Vegetables with Tofu
Red or Green Curry Vegetables
Pad Thai Noodle

Tea or Coffee
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